Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Playgrounds in the sun

Slowly this area is starting to unfurl before us and we are discovering more and more. In the last few weeks, we have been to Almondell and Calderwood, Beecraigs and Polkemmet Country Parks - the latter two have some fabulous play areas for the kids. But Polkemmet wins for me thanks to the Ivory Tower Cakes cafe where I had a delicious vanilla / lemon cupcake.  It's also home to a golf course which is hilarious - H&S must have missed this one as many of the woodland parks are on the edge of golfing greens. And home to the Horn, one of the artworks along the M8 - the Horn used to have sound which was turned off which is a shame as I'd love to have shouted to the drivers on the M8 "Turn around, you are going the wrong way!".
Closer to home our neighbour who has a 3 year old has pointed me to Eliburn park and Murieston Valley Playpark. These are all great and I'm amazed at the investment in kids playgrounds - it's fab the council are encouraging kids to play. We are still getting used to the walkways in Livingston which are rarely along the main roads but rather through woods - hopefully all safe though I wouldn't want to be alone along them for long. Then again, with the glorious sunshine we have at the mo, a walk down a wooden path along a stream is just perfect.

Beecraigs park, close to kids playground

our kid running for freedom

We had a look for the snake but the Graffulo ate it

Ghostly trees Beecraigs

Sundappled trees next to Beecraigs play park

Beecraigs park

Random mausoleum in Polkemmet

Mausoleum saying Polkemmet

The Horn, with sign warning you shouldn't go across the golf green!

Huge horn on the M8

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