Thursday, 8 March 2012

Noticing stuff

Wow the last post was quite errrmmmm needy. I didn't spend my time away navel gazing. I spent it in the Black Gulls bookshop which is a haven for jazz/easy listening loving, comfy sofa sitting, second hand bookshop loving people like me. I bought Douglas Adams "Restaurant at the end of the universe" (twice as I lost one copy on the train!), cookbooks and children's books all while humming away to Frank Sinatra. The shop has been there for 5 years but never open when we used to visit Dad. Then I walked along a buzzing East Finchley High Road which now has a new Village Bakery, the Barrucuda Cafe (yummy veggie brekkies found here) and on the weekend, a French Market. This is not the High Road I knew and I'm very happy it's getting better.
In Woolwich  I stood opened mouthed at the sight of a new building is going up - the long promised Tesco. Plumstead itself doesn't seem changed but it was fabulous catching up with lots of my old friends from there and I was so well looked after by my friend E who fed me such tasty food. On the DLR back towards Finchley, I notice new buildings which I guess are for the Olympics and  in the distance the Anish Kapoor sculpture which was not that impressive. 
While it was great being away, it was fantastic to be back home to a cuddly daugther and very capable husband. The house is spotless and the child has been looked after well. I better not go away again else I'll be made redundant!

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