Saturday, 2 August 2014

Gullane Bents

One of the lovely things about starting work at 8am is that as a part-timer I finish by 12. When the sun is hot as it has been this amazing summer, it's time to go to the beach. It was Mr P.M.'s week with the kid so luckily we could all spend a lovely day together having a picnic and just doing beach like stuff.

Gullane Bents is a lovely beach North of Edinburgh. The facilities are basic - carpark, toilets and an ice cream van. Kiddo and I met friends there last year and it was glorious. And there has been no change this week. The only sad point was that I again failed to visit the Falko Konditormeister shop - luckily he has a shop in Edinburgh too so I hope to visit.

Mr P.M. and kiddo love going to beach - sandcastles, paddling in water and skimming stones are just some of the fun they have. In the meantime, I like to go for a walk at the water edge looking for shells and jelly fish.
We only decided to leave as there was a group next to us cooking a BBQ - a signal that it was time for young families to go home and the young thangs to take over the beach :)

The carpark at the Gullane Bents is being improved. This might be due the Scottish Open which will be held at the nearby Gullane Golf club next year. Hopefully it won't lead to this beach becoming too spoilt. 

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