Saturday, 2 August 2014

Our kiddo free week parts 5 and 6

Ok so this is the release date for Guardians of the Galaxy. I had half a day but worked late (unpaid, my own fault but grrrrr). At home, I realised the house was a mess so I tried to clean but sod it. You know what, we were knackered and a little skint from our week that was, so we stayed home, cooked food out of the freezer and watched more Breaking Bad - awesome.

Panic stations. Kiddo was coming home later. So a little less late lie in, a deep kiss or two (we never kiss enough the hubby and I) followed by a touch of Saturday kitchen best bits, then a mad rush around the house with the Flash and vacuum, shoving things into the washing machine that smelt musty and a quick dusting whilst he went off to collect her and the Mother in Law.

And now, sigh it's the evening. We have had our pizza and the kiddo is in bed.  Sunshine on Leith is on the box whilst I [annoyingly] type away at the keys doing my mass update. I'm not done quite yet - one more post to do tonight.

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