Thursday, 28 January 2010


I am going to give up making any plans since I'm starting to realise with a tot, things rarely go to plan.
Recent plans that changed:
Potty training: a visit to a friend with a 10 month old baby sent me into a panic as she had already managed to poo in her potty. Although they admitted it was a bit of a happy accident, it did make me think I've been a bit lax with our own 27 month old tot. So as soon as her bug was done, we formulated a plan to potty train her.
The very expensive Baby Bjorn throne like potty was on hand as it has been for a few months. Well she didn't want that thing - familiarity had bred contempt for it. During her bug we had managed to get her to sit on the loo so we went and bought a loo toilet training seat. So far we have had minimal success. The nursery ladies advised us to ditch the easy up pants we were using and go straight to knickers and jogging bottoms. This is not an attempt to turn her into a chav but just to help her as joggers are easier to pull up/down then jeans.
But it's a bit cold to ditch nappies. Also it's a bit cold to clean up wee on a carpet or a fabric sofa.
If you have a tot, don't have carpet, don't have a fabric sofa, have everything covered in plastic.

Shopping: the plan today was to get veggies for a cooking lesson tomorrow followed by chunky chalks for tot. The first part went as planned. The second ended in disaster. Oh where is Woolworths when you need it? I was quite amazed at how much the high street has changed with a new Londis, new Iceland, a tree being planted by three council workers (there's a joke in here somewhere I'm sure) and a new restaurant near the station. But alas, we couldn't find chunky chalk anywhere so went along to Wilkinsons in Thamesmead. Tot ended up losing her breakfast inside her coat inside the shop. Then she lost some more in the car (yes that's also fabric covered) and again at home on the fabric covered sofa.
Meeting up with people: I was going to give someone a lesson in cooking okra tomorrow. See above as to why that plan is postponed. It's a shame as I was looking forward to showing off my culinary skills and having a conversation with an adult who doesn't have tots so would force me to use my brain and talk about other things.
I really hope tot does not have norovirus. Did you know norovirus is not one virus but a name applied to a group of viruses? So even though tot had a tummy bug at the beginning of the month, she may have quite a different one now. Poor thing is quote "not very happy with you mummy" and a bit worried about eating. Big hug for her and a big bowl of ice-cream for her self-pitying mother.

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Emma said...

Poor old you, and her. I hope the ice-cream is suitable consoling.

I am looking forward to learning how to cook okra another time!