Friday, 16 July 2010

Have your cake...

I seem to be falling apart. I guess it's to be expected as I have had this body for well over 40 years now and in all honesty have done little to look after it.
A few months ago I was told I have periodontisis. That was very annoying as I am a brush and floss kinda girl. But I shouldn't have ignored the obvious signs for so long (bleeding gums, toothy hurty etc). So now to stop the rot, I have to have expensive treatment. Still not decided if I'll do that. So in a few years time, I'll be a toothless wonder.
Probably a good thing since this week I was told I have very high cholesterol. Again, the signs were there in the form of the tyre I carry around my middle. I'm an apple shape. Apples are healthy, apple shapes are portentous...if you have one, expect to die a horrible death as your internal organs are squeezed by all those layers of fat.
My good cholesterol is good, but my bad cholesterol - the type that clogs your arteries and causes strokes etc - is very, very bad. Means fewer cupcakes for me especially those that are laden with butter cream frosting for in the war against bad chol. butter is on the axis of evil. Means watching what I put in my gob and as restrictions of being a vegetarian already apply, I fear food is going to become boring (though rest assured that the ChiliPaperChains site will not become one of lo-cal food).
According to the literature the nurse gave me, it's not enough to change diet I must exercise. Shamefully, I realise that I should use my Wii board rather than let it collect dust. I should find my skipping rope and become as adept as Muhammed Ali at floating like a butterfly. Releasing the tot to go wild so I can chase her is one option. Running the cats out of my front garden another. Gardening, weeding, that will help. And, if you happen to see a little Asian woman who looks as if she is having a heart attack around the Common, just walk on by. It will be me trying to jog. I've been given 3 months before they decide to put me on drugs so I better get on with it.
It may seem I'm not taking this at all seriously but I am. I don't want to leave tot or hubby before I'm a doddery old woman, so now I'm going to have to get on with looking after myself. Wish me luck.


Emma said...

I have been attempting to jog recently. It's not a pretty sight. The approaching holidays mean I am only likely to eat MORE too so am currently looking for a secondary form of exercise. Preferably one that doesn't make me feel as though I might die every time I try it.

Steve said...

Remember that you don't have to run fast to lose weight - slow miles will do it. Start at a plod that you think you can sustain for, say ten minutes, and aim to go out for a little longer each time. If you build up slowly, your body will get used to it. The main thing is to keep doing it, not blow yourself out on the first day. Good luck!

JS said...

Reminds me of when I was approaching my 40th and someone told me "Your 40th birthday is when your warranty runs out."

If you have a Wii and can get motivated and don't mind doing workouts in front of the TV then I find "My Fitness Coach" pretty good and it's only 8 quid on Amazon. You don't need a Wii board either. I found the Wii fitness plus with the board a bit rubbish and hurt my knee after doing the island run.