Thursday, 22 July 2010


The diet is NOT going well. I hate that word "Diet". It conjures up horrid images of that gillian mckeith fraud and poo and smelly funny green shakes. It immediately makes my brain go into starvation mode and all I can think about is food. I swear in the middle of the night I hear it calling me - eat me, eat me - EAT ME. Luckily the prospect of stepping on a slug in the kitchen keeps me firmly rooted to my bed.
I haven't had butter for a week. Yayyyyyyyyyy me. However, my old friends Cheese, Chocolate, Crisps and Ice cream have all over-extended their welcome in my life and really should be hitting the road rather than the tonsils at the back of my gob (if I could cram them all in at once, I would).
As for exercise...well I got that by walking around Bluewater. What a ridiculously huge place, they could have an indoor marathon there. I like that there are a lot of stairs there as you can get more exercise going up and down rather than using lifts and escalators.
In all this misery, there is one bright spot of good news. I believe I have found the cause of my good levels of good wine. Yummy red wine. So at least while my heart gives out, I can happily drown my sorrows with the knowledge that for once, alcohol is not that awful.

P.S. I must stop eating the tot's left overs. I'm sure that's a big culprit in my ever expanding waistline.
P.P.S. If a swanky cafe ever opens in Plumstead, I promise to run there and back just so I can have cupcakes.

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