Friday, 23 July 2010

Primary Times South East

You know there is a magazine out there that lists all the things that go on around your area??? The kind of thing that all parents in the know about whilst the rest of us would just resort to Time Out etc.
Well that describes the Primary Times for me. At the Thames Barrier cafe, we picked up the East London version and it was full of things to do. I have no idea where to get the SE London version but luckily there is a website and it has a filter for SE London.
Here it is:
Primary Times South East London

Parents in the know will just go "OH we know ALLLL about that"
Clueless like me will go "OOOOOOOh that's useful"

Enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

it's given out free just before the holidays in most of the local primary schools - but i think your kids are still could always ask your nearest school, there are always lots left over at mine.

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks for that. Tot starts at school in Sept so hopefully will get it now.