Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thames Clipper

We took the Thames Clipper from Woolwich to Canary Wharf at the weekend. On a sunny day, it's a great way to travel. I have a PAYG card so my ticket cost a bit more and I couldn't imagine this would be an economical way to travel though it's very relaxing.
The clipper from Woolwich to Greenwich is very small and cute, with areas to park strollers which is wonderful. The conductor very kindly gave our tot a pretend ticket so she felt very grown up.
At Greenwich, we had to change to a much larger, posher Clipper which wasn't so stroller friendly. It's definitely a tourist attraction by the number we saw getting on board and I had a laugh at the two girls who settled down with some crisps and small bottles of wine.
The whole trip shows you such different sides of London...the seediness of Woolwich morphs into the hyper modern Greenwich Peninsula with the Millennium Dome (or whatever it's called now) and the brand spanking new funky Ravensbourne College of Design and Innovation building. And then you sedately travel past historic Naval College buildings in Greenwich. Finally, the heart of financial London where there is no soul, Canary Wharf.
Hubby hates shopping here as he worked for a while in Canary Wharf and it's the ONLY place to go for lunch. Tot however, was a big hit with some friendly South Korean tourists who took her picture...she then went into "Professional Model" state and started posing as if she'd been in front of the camera for her whole life.
The ride home was via the DLR which, while nice, is no-where near as pleasant.

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Nat said...

I *love* the clippers. Superb way to travel :0)