Sunday, 3 April 2011

Another Hallmark Day

Thanks to the advertising power of the card, flower, chocolate and gift companies we seem to lurch from one holiday to another. Christmas followed by Valentines, then Mothers day, then Easter, then Fathers day then Halloween, then Christmas. I am sure I've missed a few. I've left out Hindu holidays too like Holi (festival of colour) and Diwali (festival of light).
Cynical me thinks the meaning of these days is somewhat watered down. And also as the domestic servant in this house, having a day off to be with the family is probably the last thing I need ;)
I have told my husband that I don't want a Mother's day card until our daughter is old enough to choose one. This year, I got a handmade card from her made in school, which features an origami tulip - my new passion so all the more special. It makes my heart go Ahhhhhhhhh as does the fact that she keeps wishing me a happy Mothers day. Sweet.

Does make me think though and here are my advert free greetings:
Happy Mother's day to all the mums out there.
Happy Mother's day to all the nans and grans out there.

And special good thoughts go to:
Happy Mother's day to all those women who have lost kids
Happy Mother's day to all those who are desperately trying to be mums. This day may be shite for you but I hope one day it will be a reason for joy.
And finally, Happy Mother's day to all those who have lost their Mums. I know exactly how you feel and wish I could hug the pain away.


Steve said...

This one can't be blamed on Hallmark - see Wikipedia: "Mothering Sunday is a Christian festival celebrated throughout Europe that falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent."

Plummy Mummy said...

I meant that Hallmark type companies water down the whole thing for me. :)
I mean I wouldn't blame Christmas on Hallmark either.