Friday, 1 April 2011

Crafty cafe

A mate and I took our kids along to the playground next to Lesnes Abbey - very exciting to see the addition of more playground parts including a cool looking castle.
After a little walk around the Abbey ruins during which my tot decided to test her echo rather loudly, we made our way to the new Crafty Cafe on McLeod Road in Abbey Road.
This is a bright cafe with plenty of space between tables making it ideal for parents with pushchairs. The menu had a lot of options (inc an all day veggie brekkie!!) and a long children's menu.
We sat by the windows and watched the world go by while we waited for our order. Unfortunately, it was a long wait as the service was slow even though they were not overrun with customers. When the drinks and food arrived, my friend's brownie with ice cream was enjoyable but I was not impressed with the thick, unnatural tasting milkshake for my daughter, her dense cupcake and my cappuccino that tasted like a normal filter coffee. My simple cheese on toast took nearly 20 mins to arrive and when it did, one side was not cooked. There was another delay when paying took a long time as the server struggled to find out how much to charge us.
The cafe runs craft sessions for children on Tue and Thurs from 3.30 to 5pm - which costs £2.50 per child. For this, the child is given a drink and allowed to take home what they create which the waitress assured us would not be the normal crafts.
You know what though - I am going to put today's experience down to teething issues (and as the waitress explained a problem with their grill). There is a woeful lack of cafes in this area (and none in Plumstead) let alone those catering to children and with the aim of being a community cafe - next time I'll just take some yarn and hooks along so I can crochet while I wait and I'll be sure to order a normal coffee and something simple to eat like cake.

106 McLeod Road
, Abbey Wood, London, SE2 0BS
Currently open Mon to Sat 9am to 5pm. Closed Sundays except for specially pre-booked children's parties.

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