Sunday, 3 April 2011

English Curry Awards

I really should not read the Greenwich Curry Club's excellent posts when I am hungry. We've ordered a take out but after reading the GCC's latest post, I am now RAVENOUS.
To take my mind off things I just googled Curry Awards. Those North of the Border have had the Scottish Curry Award for a few years (nomination forms can be downloaded here) and for the last 5 years there are the Welsh Curry award (top 30 restaurants list here). Now, a new English Curry Award has been set up with the final being held later this year in Manchester.
Personally I felt Manccy restaurants were poor compared to the ones in Bradford/Leeds (Aagrah for instance)- but neither city's offering were a patch on the Birmingham Balti restaurants from my student days that provided much needed manna for this little round indian gal.
If you are interested in nominating a restaurant follow this link: English Curry Awards
For the more swanky among you there is the well established British Curry Award which features Shampan 2 in Bromley. This is a sister restaurant to Shampan 3 that StuMayhew recently told me about and one I shall be checking out soon.
Did have a giggle that the Chief Guest at the 2010 British Curry Awards was Rt Hon Eric Pickles...pickles, Indian restaurant geddit???
Finally, if you want to put in your tuppence worth then send your recommendations into the Cobra Good Curry Guide - they are compiling the 2011 edition now.
Argh I'm really hungry now. Must resist temptation to eat a chocolate bar while I wait

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