Friday, 1 April 2011

Local honey

I've got that familiar itch in my nose and on the roof of my mouth which signals the annual arrival of hay fever for me. I suffer quite badly and without a steady supply of pills and nasal sprays, will end up a snotty, miserable wreck with red swollen eyes and nose. I have the ability to sneeze louder than a Boeing 747 usually achieving about 6 or 7 outbursts in a row. Sound like I'm proud of this but I'm not - I love the outdoors but on high pollen doors I'm confined to my house like some sad Howard Hughes type recluse.
I've been that locally produced honey can help so I was excited to read about the kids at the Charlton Manor Primary School who have a hive in their gardens. Unfortunately, the school has just told me the bees are now hibernating and they will not be producing honey until July. That's wonderful for the kids but unfortunately, not great for me.
So my question to you all - have any you ever tried locally produced honey and where did you get it?


Doctor Pangloss said...

My friend makes her own honey in Penge. I had a jar last year and it was gorgeous. When I get my life back (no, I'm not in prison), I'd love to do it.

Plummy Mummy said...

If you got some bees, you could release them whenever your loud neighbours had their windows open :D

Livi said...

Woodlands farm often sell local honey.