Saturday, 20 June 2009

All play....not much work here

Am I the only parent that finds the Winn Common playground a bit creepy? I went along there this afternoon and was a bit daunted by the large green border all around that meant I couldn't see if there were any hoodlums lurking around to pounce on me and tot. Or any dog wielding maniacs.
Once I got into the area, I swiftly turned around after seeing how rusty the little slide was and the general lack of suitable amenities for the little one. The teenager who decided to change her baby on the only picnic bench hastened my fast exit too!
We ended up going to the playground next to Greenslade school. The playground was full of rubbish, including broken glass but luckily most of this was away from the slides so the tot was happily allowed to play. I did find it odd that there was some older teenage boys just sitting around but they didn't seem to bother anyone so that was OK- I guess they have the same problem in that there are very few areas around here for them to hang about.
So sad that the council don't do something to improve these playgrounds and bring them up the the standard of the one at Eaglesfield park. Or worse, they improve the playground like the one on Blendon Terrace but then decide to keep it closed most hours during the week when toddlers would be able to play in there without having older kids around.

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Doctor Pangloss said...

The Borough of Greenwich is utterly appalling with regards children's swing parks. They seem to have invested money into the one in Greenwich Park (well, no surprise there eh?), and that's about it.

Peering through the locked gates, the adventure playground at Blendon Terrace looks great, but like you say, it seems to be more of an after-school club. I choose not to take Toddler Pangloss to the play parks after 3pm as I'd rather he didn't learn foul language from quite such an early age.

For any decent play parks, you have to go to the Borough of Bexley. I'll post a map or something up on Plumsteadshire.