Friday, 5 June 2009

Messy mini-picasso

We had lots of fun today when tod and I went along to the local mini-Picassos class at the Trinity Centre on Burrage road.
The two ladies that run it, Angela and Debbie, are very friendly locals who made us feel welcome as soon as we arrived.
And the group of other mums and toddlers were very friendly (some of whom we know from other playgroups). While we waited for the room to be ready, we were able to play about in the little garden at the back which was full of toddler friendly toys. Shame that due to the rain they were wet but tod didn't seem to mind.
In the room there was areas for painting, clay modelling and general art/craft havoc making. Once tod got the idea that you DON'T eat the paint, she seemed to get on marvellously with the paint brush. She still needs to learn that the glue is not white paint - but hey that's an honest mistake to make. She didn't really enjoy the clay modelling so no new statues in our house. But the rest was fun especially as mummy encouraged her to get good and covered in paint. If you plan to attend, I recommend very old clothes and lots of baby wipes.
And the best bits for mum were the tea and cake at the end followed by mummy happily walking out of a messy room that someone else will be clearing up for a change.
I must try to remember to pick up my tod's magical artistic endeavours next time so that I can share it all with the world.
What a bargain for £4 a pop. :)

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