Saturday, 20 June 2009

Toddler world, Plumstead Leisure Centre

OK despite my previous post on playgrounds, I don't think things around here are all bad.
On friday we went along to the Toddler World session at the Plumstead Leisure centre. What a excellent way to spend a hour or so. Was even good to see some dads there ... perhaps they prefer the more physical activities compared to other toddler sessions e.g. library rhyme times or stay and play sessions.
We aren't members so paid £2.75. Since it only costs £2.00 to get a Greenwich leisure card, we will do that and pay less for our sessions in future.
There was a load of things to do. Balls, hula hoops, wheeled toys to go whizzing around on, huge soft play areas, slides, large connect4 game and a large lovely bouncy council. Halfway through the session, the castle was deflated and it was rhyme time. The lady who ran it had lost her voice but did well to get everyone involved. My tot loved the blanket game.
At the end of the sing song, the castle was inflated again by the super fast whizzy air machine. Kids were allowed on which I thought dangerous but hey, if you are happy for your kid to go on, go for it.
I definitely recommend this session which takes place from 9.15 to 10.45 Mondays and Fridays.

We walked home via the high street, which has a swanky new pharmacy next to Fineways. They opened last week and it will be open until 11, every night. Even the pub on the corner is getting a facelift. Looks like things are improving on the high street at long last. Yippee

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Doctor Pangloss said...

In my humble opinion, Toddler's World at Plumstead Leisure Centre is far superior to the one at The Arches in Greenwich. There is more space, song time, a big bouncy castle, free parking and the parents and carers are lovely. Having said that, I think Arches also has a bouncy castle. Well, anyway.... I think it's an excellent facility and the young lass who takes the class is brilliant.