Friday, 12 June 2009

All shook up, ah huh huh

Much fun was had last night at the Spice Island Elvis night.

As we walked up we saw an electric blue car that belongs to the Elvis - which was actually electric powered!
The restaurant was pretty booked up but we got a good table. Anywhere would be fine as Lee Jackson is an impressive 6'4".
We couldn't have much of a conversation at the table as the music pre-Lee appearing was pretty loud. I got a bit tired of trying to hear the friend across the table who unfortunately,was very softly spoken. So we just got stuck into some beers then after quite a long wait, some food. Food was not bad even though I had to take my starter back as it was still frozen through -s0 much for freshly prepared food. I am glad that I don't eat meat as I don't relish the thought of having half thawed flesh.
During the main course, Mr Jackson appeared. He managed to make himself heard above both the far too loud music tracks and the chatting diners. At first, I wasn't much impressed by his Elvis sound. He is not the King but once you get passed that and get into the parody mood, it's great fun. Funny moment when his guitar string broke and the restaurant staff wouldn't give him a knife or scissors to repair it...methinks they thought it was part of the act!
He covered a good range of late 60s Elvis songs and I suddenly realised that a) I have turned into my mother and b) I know quite a lot of the words!
2nd set was much more fun. We had finished eating and had tucked into a bit more beer. The fan ladies were also in prime mood for screaming and dancing esp. when Mr Jackson appeared in a fetching leather outfit, looked much more like the real thing and started the Elvis Pelvis movements. We all sang along heartily and I was very amused to see some old ladies shaking their stuff....go ON girls. Near the end he was shaking and gyrating so much I was worried he was going to have a stroke but wow, what fun.
There was an attempt to do the jokes Elvis-style and there is obviously a good relationship with Ben the restaurant owner, Ben. The crowing moment was when he sang Suspicious Minds (which I know more thanks to Fine Young Cannibals than Elvis).
The mood was only slightly spoilt by the surly family at the next table but even they started joining in near the end of the set.
A good night out all round though I think he would have been much better off with a night in the Rugby Pavillion.
Will post up pictures when I get them off my mates camera.

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