Monday, 8 June 2009

Case against proportional representation?

Before you jump to any conclusions, I don't know much about politics. I think this should be made a crime. We should be better informed and should all be made to vote.

Also, don't really know about proportional representation so the following may all be b*******s.

Late last week, I came across this site:
I was hoping this section would tell me what each candidate stood for but no such luck. So I voted very woefully uninformed.

Anyway, this morning after a long yawn and stretch, I read my usual mobile BBC news and saw with horror that the bnp have got elected up north. I'm not surprised, a sojourn into the north many years ago was a strange affair. As I walked around a Christmas market I got many a stare and realised that many of the bods up there had never seen a real life person of colour.

Anyhow, looking at the above site which shows results, I noted that the bnp had not actually increased their votes significantly in the North East and had actually lost votes in Yorkshire/Humber since the last election, but that due to the poor performance of the Lost-it-Labour party et al, they got a seat through proportional voting. I also looked with some amusement at the number of spoiled ballots - over 11k of them. Is that down to the monkeys who didn't know where to put their cross?

I hope that Nick and his buddy Andrew will be in Europe a lot in the next 4 years, far away from these shores and away from the vulnerable fools who voted for them.

On the home front, things were as expected. Wonder how long we have until the general election as I think its about time I got better informed about all this politics stuff.

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