Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Apocolypse Now?

Every night around midnight our peace is shattered by the sounds of helicopters. Sometimes I think they are flying so low that if I looked out the window I'd be able to see the pimples on the stupid pilot's face. This annoys us and also leads to a lot of breath-holding as we wait for our sleeping baby to wake up in the middle of what sounds like a warzone.
I initially thought these were taking prisoners to their cells but realised that was a silly thing to do around midnight. Then thought maybe they were to do with the barracks.
Now I believe its tourists who want a midnight view of the o2 else why would they fly so low. No doubt it will get worse in the run up to the Olympics as people want to fly around the site.

Now don't get me wrong, people are entitled to view the sights. But fuck me, I am entitled to sleep and this is too much.
To break the so called camel's back, from 4am we have the sound of airplanes going into City airport and the barking of some very annoying dogs who are obviously owned by drunkards who are in a stupor and don't hear their mutts disturbing the peace.
If you hear banshee like screaming, that's me. I've had enough :(


Cheerful One said...

They've been over here too, which can't be the right direction for the O2...

We sort of assumed someone had escaped from Belmarsh the first night, however surely they can't have been hiding for that long (and only at night time? Hmm.)

Did they happen again last night too? Weird.

Plummy Mummy said...

It happens a lot. Just noticed the last few days that it is closer to 10.30 than midnight and they are army type helicopters so not tourists. Maybe its some of the TA boys going on joy rides?

Steve said...

You have my sympathy. Helicopters circling overhead is a modern-day blight. Other pet hates of mine are (in no particular order):
1. Loud motorbikes (of which there are many more since congestion charging came in - plus motorbikes are not subject to the same noise reduction regulations as cars).
2. Police cars and ambulances that use their sirens unnecessarily (ie. night time when no other traffic around).
3. Dogs barking.
4. Selfish neighbours with loud stereos.
5. Lazy minicab and other drivers who toot their horns rather than getting out of the car and ringing the doorbell.
6. Aeroplanes stacking on the run-in to Heathrow at 4.30 in the morning.

Cheerful One said...

Some sort of training thing I suppose.

In these circumstances I find earplugs extraordinarily useful!

Streetwise said...

I'll go with 5 of Steve's 6. The police nur-nurs are not just for traffic though - they are also for late night amblers who don't know their green cross code.
The nur-nurs are usually on their way to a "domestic" - not that that has anything to do with it. The night choppers might be looking for Hydroponic farm-houses whose roofs glow infra-red white at night. There are more than a few round here I gather.
Thought I'd share that with you . . .

Plummy Mummy said...

Steve - agree with your pet hate list.

I noted from the utterly useless Greenwich Times that the editorial was about the noise. Reported the noise but offered no solutions.

There must have been a lot of farms active last night as the helicopters were out in full force. And this time it was nearer midnight. Also tonight they have started early.

We can't sleep with our windows open so the bloody fan has to be on all night and that's not exactly silent either.

I'm officially Mrs Angry-in-Surbabia

Anonymous said...

I live near the barracks and it is low flying chinook helicoptors that keep flying over plumstead. Incidently Woolwich Barracks was the place where Prince William stopped off to pick up Harry on his way to his mates stag in the Isle of Wight. I like Chinooks, I think they are cool, but sorry if they are disturbing your baby.