Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Royal Arsenal

Sometimes I get quite down living near Woolwich which I consider to be quite a dump. This is made worse driving back from North London which takes two hours because there are yet again, roadworks around the Tunnel.
Today I was however, pleasantly surprised when I took tot and hubby to Royal Arsenal. We wanted to look at the boarding point for the Clipper as I want to take a boat trip down to Waterloo.
The development is rather nice IMHO. And very un-Woolwich like. We enjoyed a stroll along the river, watched the Woolwich ferries making some circles in the water and then went for a coffee in the Royal Artillery museum. Not a bad cafe for the standards around here though my coffe was a little cold.
I'll post some pictures up soon.


Anonymous said...

The Arsenal is lovely. I used to take the boat to work when I lived in the Docklands and commuted into town, such a lovely way to get to work and the area around there is lovely. Shows there is potential for Woolwich!!

Anonymous said...

The cafe at the Firepower museum does evening meals and drinks on a Friday and Saturday night.

The clipper is also a great way to go to work!

Anonymous said...

You need to get out and about more. I thought the place was a dump when I first moved here too. Boating on a lake, golfing, parks galore, decent restraunts...... are all within minutes of you.

Plummy Mummy said...

anon1 thanks for letting us know. Will have to try out an evening meal there.
Anon2 yes the parks are fab though the council should put more money into the playgrounds methinks. Where do you go boating?

Anonymous said...

um, where are these decent restaurants???????????????