Friday, 28 August 2009

Steer clear

On way home from IKEA Edmonton tonight we noted that there are roadworks planned for Blackwall tunnel, that the Woolwich ferry is down to one service (they say broken ferry, I say people skiiving off for Bank Hol weekend), roadworks on the A12 and huge tailbacks on the Dartford tunnel approach.
So this weekend, we won't be travelling anywhere by car.
I must admit that I would rather do the Dartford route as you don't get the utter rudeness of drivers seen on the Blackwall tunnel approach. But by far the best way to come is via London bridges. As long as you are happy to wait until the congestion charge doesn't apply and prepared to brake every now and again for a jaywalking tourist.
Even better, I wish I could get a lift off one of them Chinooks that are always flying ahead. That would be cool.


Anonymous said...

What we actually need is another river crossing. It is madness that between Dartford and Blackwall there is only a ferry! The roads just get backed up with so much congestion as if anything happens in the tunnels they get shut (i can see why) to sort out the problem, but as this seems to happen once every 24 hours i dont understand why there are no more crossings. West london there is a bridge every 5 metres!!

Plummy Mummy said...

Ah someone needs to tell Boris. He cancelled that Thames Gateway bridge didn't he. Sod doesn't know what he's done to the people around here!