Sunday, 2 August 2009

Toddler swimming Eltham

After a restless sleep filled with nightmares of dilapidated leisure centres, verrucas and spotty teenagers, I woke this morning to a sunny day and a more positive attitude. We took tot to Eltham leisure centre to try out the swimming.
What fun!
The centre is very well set up to take toddlers. The large changing areas included 4 family sized changing rooms which included a baby changing table to park tot while hubby and I changed.
We were pleasantly surprised that the pre-pool showers were warm.
The family pool includes a beach entrance and again the water was warm and did not reek of chlorine (a worry as tot is eczema prone). This was very encouraging for our tot who has never had a cold bath. I was also happy as I'm a short arse so the water started at my ankles and never got higher than my chest area.
There were plenty of parents with tots including quite a few dads with young sons and daughters.
I'm not a good swimmer but felt very comfortable. Between my hubby and I, we were able to play plenty of floating games with our tot and she seemed to enjoy herself.
We were in the pool for about 15 mins when a fountain shower started at the shallow end of the pool which the kids all rushed to. Unfortunately, when we tried this on the way out, the water was a bit too heavy for our little one.
Once out, we took the showers and I was delighted to see a playpen where I parked tot whilst I had a quick shower.

All in all a great experience. The centre is a wonderful civic centre and with Sunday parking free it wasn't too costly. Thoroughly recommended.


AJWInBlack said...

Eltham Centre is great! We've been there a few Sunday afternoons and it gets better each time!

Anonymous said...

This is a great leisure centre. What I like are the fact that the people using it tend to be clean and aren't using it as their weekly wash (like Thamesmead and Woolwich).

Plummy Mummy said...

Wow anon, you have freaked me out. Definitely will avoid Thamesmead and Woolwich.
I saw a fab building on Crook log the other day and understand there is a leisure centre there. We might give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Crook Log is also great. I am a big fan of Danson Park as well and think that Crook Log is pretty quick to get to. It is also nice and clean!
Have you been to the Woodland Farm with your toddler? It is on the way to Welling over the top of Shooter's Hill and is much fun with children.

Plummy Mummy said...

Hi Anonymous,
Yep we have been to the farm. It was one of my earliest posts on this site!