Friday, 28 August 2009

A Tale of Two Hospitals

Health has been very much on the Plummy Mummy household's minds in the last few weeks.
Hubby went for the first stage of his anti-snoring programme....having a deviated septum fixed at Lewisham hospital.
As I'm not overly familiar with the layout of Lewisham, let alone the hospital, there was much teeth-grinding and general moaning on my part as I dropped him off and picked him up later in the same day. Some of that moaning was to do with the distance we travelled for him to have his nose picked.
Poor sod was in agony for a week and I cowered as I realised that it was my fault he went for the surgery (threats of my leaving him if he didn't get that snoring sorted). But as you will see below I had some justification for being in a bad mood.
Our second visit to the hospital was less stressful as I knew where I was going and actually found the parking to be logical once you figured it all out.
He's a lot happier now that the splints have been removed from inside his nose and should be back at work next week. He's also snoring less so I'm happier.

My hospital experience was somewhat different. I was 7 weeks pregnant, but am no longer having miscarried 6 days before hubby's surgery. There has been considerable pain and sadness over this not least because at our age, any delay in increasing the size of our family is quite a blow. I spent a lot of time on the net during the whole business (which took nearly 2 weeks to complete and is still ongoing) looking at causes. In my case methinks its AGE. There is a 51% chance of miscarriage. I didn't know this before. It's burned into my brain now. Mostly I feel sad for my tot as she is that much further away from having a sibling.
I had two visits to QEH in Woolwich. A much easier place to get to and to park in than Lewisham hospital. As I sat for hours waiting, I was reminded just how many chavs live round here. I saw red when a couple of the stupid bints got on the phone to graphically discuss their miscarriages while others, including me, were waiting around to see the sonographer. The saddest thing was on the 2nd visit when I knew it was all over, a young woman came in with her daughter and new born child. She obviously didn't cotton onto the fact that there were women around her who had lost theirs. My heart went out to a very sad looking lady sitting next to the oblivious one.
I have no doubt we will try again and have been encouraged by women who have told me they went on to have successful pregnancies. In the meantime, my heart has a tiny hole for the soul who only stayed with me for 7 weeks. I will never forget that baby.


AJWInBlack said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I can't begin to imagine how that must feel. It's probably not much consolation but I have a friend who went through the same thing a while ago who has just given birth... to twins! Never give up hope!

I don't envy your husband either, I hope my better half doesn't catch wind or she'll have my nose in splints before the week is out!

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks AJWinBlack,
On the positive side, he's breathing a lot easier now.

Anonymous said...

v sad news and altogether v common. It wasn't until we had children that we realised how many of our friends had gone through miscarriages, the statistics are alarmingly high and altogether too common. Having spoken to many friends i think it is dreadful that they are put in the same ward as expectant Mothers which must be like rubbing your nose in it..
Hopefully next time it will all work out....

Doctor Pangloss said...

Yes, miscarriages are incredibly common although knowing this won't make it any better for you.

Sorry you've had this terrible experience.