Friday, 16 October 2009


Tomorrow is the most important day in the Hindu calendar. I'm not overly religious but I do observe this day...probably in the way most people observe Christmas.
Diwali is a 5 day festival but the end day tomorrow, which marks Hindu New Year, is the one we get together for as a family. And that means food, glorious food. This year , the food is being ordered in. I only found out this afternoon after having spent the morning going up and down Plumstead High Street trying to buy fresh rations. Considering there is a large Hindu and Sikh population round here, there didn't seem to be much celebrating going on. I had to abandon a basket in Dadoos as the queue was so long (down to a broken machine rather than hordes of customers). So off I went to Fiveways. At the checkout, I asked if they sold sugar coated almonds (a family favourite) and when the boy said no, I exclaimed shock that they did not have this Diwali staple. His rude shrug indicated he was not either Hindu or Sikh. Ah well, I was able to get a lovely pack from Tesco Express. I did find it funny that the Express was stocking Indian supplies but if the attitude along the high street doesn't improve, you can't blame people for going off to the big giants.
Diwali is the Festival of Lights. For different Indians, this means different things. I take it as the homecoming of Lord Rama after exile and a celebration of Good over Evil. It's celebrated by lights and fireworks so from tomorrow night, expect lots of bangs around here. In reality, that'll go on all week as we merge with Guy Fawkes. Bang bang goes the toddler's sleep routine.
We will be doing it a bit more quietly, by stringing up fairy lights and lighting divas. I managed to find some beautiful ones in the internet cafe on the high street. They were painted by the owner's husband's niece. And very pretty they will look too with white tealights in them.
Happy Diwali everyone and a glorious New Year.


Raven said...

Happy Diwali and happy new year - hope you all enjoy the day. Rx

Cheerful One said...

Happy Diwali to you too!

I noticed Dadoo's has opened the lock-up next door to their shop again yesterday. Wonder why that was closed for so long..

PS My fiance cooked that squash curry: it was delicious! Thanks very much for the recipe, we'll definitely be doing it again.

Cheerful One said...

Here it is!

Plummy Mummy said...

Thank you ladies. Was a good day but we got back so late that I forgot to light the divas! Will do it today for the little one.

And Cheerful one, thanks for the picture :) I had a sneaky look at your other ones...anytime you have cake left over, please send some over to me as it looked delicious.

I'm going to attempt to make some indian sweets soon, if they turn out right, I'll let you know.

Steve said...

If you are looking for good quality Asian stuff (including fruit, veg, spices etc.) then try the one in Conway Road, near the junction with Ancona Road. Sorry I can't remember its name but I found it by accident a few years ago and have been going there ever since.

Cheerful One said...

I just checked that place out on Google maps: had no idea there were shops up there! Will go up and look at them all next time I'm in Plumstead.

Steve said...

Cheerful One. After seeing your comment I went onto Google Streetview and see that the shop is called "Superfruits".

Plummy Mummy said...

Yes I agree...Superfruits do the best veg around here. But its no where as good as what you get in Kingsbury. I ended up having to throw out some of the veg that I got from Fiveways..just 2 days after buying it. So even though it costs dosh, I think I would rather make the trip up north.