Sunday, 18 October 2009

Shrewsbury House

Shrewsbury House, Bushmoor Crescent, SE18 3EG
OK not quite Plumstead but close enough. I decided to have a look at this place as there is a toddler group based there. Autumn always produces lovely colours and our walk was chilly but in lovely sunshine.
I expected Shrewsbury House to be in the Shrewsbury Park but its nestled in among houses nearby in Bushmoor Crescent.
There is some parking in front which is useful. I went in hoping to pick up a leaflet detailing the activities in the House but sadly there wasn't one. They could do with producing something along the lines of the list that Mycanae House which shows activities by day of week and all contact numbers on the back. Luckily, the porter was able to answer a few questions and the activities, which are far and few, were listed on the board.
I made an appointment for the toddler pre-school and returned a few days later to have a look around. The room they use is large and has a gorgeous ceiling. They also have sole use of the gardens at the back so there is plenty of outdoor space for the kids. So I've put tot's name down even though she's got to wait nearly 14 months to get in as they only take children who are over 3 years, 3 months old.
Other activities at the House include a ballet class for older toddlers, Aperture - a camera club and a Shooters Hill local history clothes.
On our way back towards Plumstead, we noticed some rather impressive trees.


Anonymous said...

interested to know what they do here, have always meant to ponder up there and never have! am certainly keen on any baby and toddler groups. you sound like you have most things sussed, maybe you can post something about activities!

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks Anon, I'm not really sussed. Spend a lot of time asking other parents about what they do with their kids. However, I've added a new post with a list of links which you may find useful.