Sunday, 18 October 2009

Tudor Barn Eltham

We went to Tudor Barn today for lunch. It still has the feel and foibles of a newly opened place. On first walking in at around 12.30ish, the place was virtually empty apart from a pair of old ladies. We decided to walk around and I bumped into another mum from Toddler World. As they had baby chairs we decided to give the food a go. Unfortunately, there wasn't a menu for toddlers (ours wanted pasta!) although we later overheard a waitress state that all the menu items could be ordered in children portions...something our waitress hadn't told us. They did happily produce a cheese sandwich for her so we were happy. The pricey menu is limited but even so, there were options for vegetarian me. Hubby and I both opted for baguettes which were lovely and fresh, accompanied by a fresh crunchy salad with the hint of a delicious dressing and fries (when did they stop being called chips?). The desserts were limited but still we enjoyed a donut and a brownie.
I was a bit miffed that I had to change tot in the function room above the restaurant as they didn't have a baby changing room. This did give me a chance to have a quick look at the room which has impressive beams and a nice view of the surrounding park. Anyway, there are plans to add a baby changing room so it's not the end of the world. I didn't notice if there were toilets for the disabled but I sure hope so as there were at least 2 elderly people in chairs by the time we left who would not have managed the steep step in the ladies loo.
The best part was saving the tot's crusts and feeding them to the ducks who were floating in the moat surrounding the Barn together with the fattest fish I've ever seen. The ducks must have been overfed as they didn't bother with the bread unlike the pigeons that nearly mobbed us!
I wasn't overly convinced that the Barn would be a good venue for a wedding reception as there is a lack of local parking but for a lazy Sunday lunch it's not too bad and there are some Boppin Bunnies classes being run here on Mondays which we are thinking of joining....try to support any toddler classes that are not in Blackheath or Greenwich.

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info said...

Hi Plummy Mummy, we'd love to have you pop back to the Tudor Barn some time soon. We are still developing and changing so if you haven't eaten here recently please do! We would love to give you a full tour of the building (although I know you've already seen the Tudor Gallery) and tell you about our plans. We have a wedding fayre on March 20th - come along!