Thursday, 4 February 2010

Middle aged / Bed sharing

I think I'm middle aged. In fact I may be well past it. My body which rarely sees any exercise is so far past it I will need a Tom Tom to navigate my way to it. If I assume that I'll live to late 80s (as both my grannies did), then I'm just over middle aged.
Anyway, I googled what officially is middle aged, which led me to an article written by Charlie Brooker in the Guardian. My hubby is a big fan of old Charlie, whereas I sometimes find that he swears a bit too much.
Anyway, slowly the more I read Mr Brooker, the more I like him. This annoys me as I find myself increasingly liking things my hubby likes and I sometimes have nightmares that I'm turning into him. How awful it would be to be exactly like your partner and like all the same things he likes. Some things are fine but not ALL.
Anywaaaaay, I ended up reading Tim Dowling's article Sunday article on The Politics of Sharing a bed.

I don't like sharing a bed. I like the things that happen in a bed with a partner but I kinda wish that after the fun, the cuddles, that the partner would just slip away and sleep elsewhere. Then with some sort of eerie magic, appear to be back in bed just at the point where I awake ready for more fun.
Back to the article...I begin with the Heimlich, move round to Paperdolls as I like to feel my partner, but truthfully by about 10 mins in, want no more contact and move Cliffhanger. I've always noticed that men give off a lot of heat - there must be some scientific basis to this.
Of course, if there is snoring involved, I may try the Springloader and launch Mr Plummy Mummy out of bed.
We do sometimes sleep separately. When I mention this to friends they are either sympathetic (i.e. have snoring partners themselves) or look at me in horror and pity for the impending end of my marriage, but seriously for the sake of our sanity it's worth it and in the end it makes us closer which is no bad thing.


Emma said...

I'm definitely middle aged. I referred to someone as 'a girl' the other day, and then I realised she was at least 23.

We are big fans of Charlie here. He does swear a lot but underneath that he makes a lot of intelligent points (he didn't write that article you linked to, though..that was Tim Dowling...)

We sleep in a variety of positions, including heimlich, conjoined twins and cliffhanger. Occasionally we sleep separately: particularly if himself is snoring really badly. That way he avoids the inevitable bruises.

On the subject of snoring, two words: ear plugs. Brilliant.

Emma said...

PS Hope miss tot is feeling better!

Plummy Mummy said...

Oh! I stand corrected, it was Tim Dowling.
I'll amend the post.
Last night was first puke free night for tot. When she manages 2, then we are cleared for public company.
I hope she's clear by next friday if you want to come round. In the meantime, I'm knitting lots of scarves and spending too much time on ravelry.
I tried ear plugs but the snores penetrated. Also, with tot I was always worried that I wouldn't hear her choking etc. Anyway, it's not always Mr Plummy Mummy who snores. I'm a champion snorer too.

Emma said...

Goodness, she has had a hard time (and you I imagine, by proxy).

I'd love to come over if she's OK by Friday! I shall spend some time brushing up on my crochet square technique :)

I did wonder about the ear plugs/tot thing. I now have some really good ear plugs that let very little through, but prob not ideal for hearing a little one.