Thursday, 18 February 2010

Technology rage

Seriously I wonder if there is a technology equivalent of road rage. Today I've been driven to madness whilst trying to do the simple task of replying to a mail and attaching two documents.
First I tried to scan the documents - printer says NO. I had to then find the software to install the scan function. What a nightmare - I had previously removed said software as it add some much rubbish that my OS stopped working. After a lot of swearing and shouting and thumping, I managed to find a work around (felt so stupid not to check the scanner option in Windows Control panel).
Said documents scanned - YIPPEE!
Tried to attach to hotmail - FAIL FAIL FAIL. And no real reason why.
Much hair tearing, wailing and a complete inability to walk away from the issue for the day.
After a few hours of not giving up and continually trying to attach, swapping to another format and trying to attach FAIL.
Then bloody magically, the documents attached. STUPID HOTMAIL.
All day I've also had network issues on my handset trying to read Facebook. This may be the impetus I need to finally ditch Facebook.
It's enough to drive you crazy. Worse thing is that I wasn't doing anything that important. Hate to think what would happen if this was life or death.
Next time, I'll just mail the documents and rely of the post office to deliver.

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