Monday, 8 February 2010

Slade Library/Children's Centre

This morning tot and I went along to the monthly Arts and Crafts session for tots at Slade Library. As always it was a fun session of songs, tots playing with toys, a craft portion and a book. The craft portion today was colouring in cut out pictures - tot was a little disappointed there was no sticking but I was pretty happy not to have to change her clothes at home afterwards! I really enjoy colouring's remarkably relaxing and I urge you all to get a colouring book and try it.
While there, I asked about the plans for Slade Library. Apparently they are going to be quite extensive with a new Children's Centre being built and the library being more open plan. Not sure the ladies were that pleased but I guess they will be happy once it's all shiny and new - and hopefully no longer leaky!
Personally, I am really happy about the prospect of a new Children's Centre as I think the Slade hall is horrible and also this area needs a centre to serve the people who live around the Common.
I didn't have time to look at the plans in detail but will be popping back this week.

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