Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Plumstead Common management plan

While reading e-shooterhill latest posting on Eaglesfield park - the changing landscape, I noticed there is also a draft plan for Plumstead Common/Winns Common.
I've emailed the council to find out if the draft has been updated as the consultation period ended in Sept 2008 and new plans should have been produced by Autumn 2009.

Park management plans

The interesting bit to me is about provision of refreshment facilities (very small paragraph in the appendix).
I was also amazed to find there are toilets in the Slade ...not that I would want to venture down there to use the loo.
Finally, has anyone ever seen people bowling on the green near The Ship?

UPDATE 5th Feb- I received the following from the Parks and Open Spaces office.
The Council is currently updating the draft park management plans for approval by the Council in Spring 2010.
[I] would anticipate an updated version of the Plumstead Common management plan being available in the Summer of 2010. The intention is to post the updated plans on the Council's website.


Anonymous said...

The toilets at the Slade are on the main road just across from the shops.

nigel said...

This must be one of the last areas in London to still have public toilets. I noticed that when I moved here 6 years ago - it seemed almost quaint. Everywhere else they got closed down long ago because of vandalism [or cottaging?] they come in handy for the playground opposite too.

Plummy Mummy said...

Nigel, in the two years that I've lived here, I've never seen the toilets open. Would be useful with the playground true as the kids get so excited!