Friday, 4 September 2009

Birthday beach party!

It was tot's birthday yesterday so as a treat we planned to take her to Minnis Bay beach. I checked the weather on the day - sunny intervals so off we went. Unfortunately, I didn't look at the windspeed which would have warned me that we would be blown about quite a bit. At the beach, the tide was in so we went for lunch in the restaurant expecting normal beach fare. What a delightful lunch. The chef really is to be complimented. Once sated, we ventured out and decided to go the beach children's playground. Eventually we took a very windblown walk on the promenade before deciding to go the Whitstable. There we had a lovely walk around the harbour and once the wind died down a bit of fun on the beach. It's so lovely to do this mid week when there are very few people about. I really liked the feel of both places and I'm sure we will go back one day. Next time I'll remember to check the wind speed!


AJWInBlack said...

Great pictures - I will have to check out the beach!

Anonymous said...

Last time I went to Whitstable it was the windiest place on earth. It was lovely though, but sooo windy. Not been to Minnis though so shall have to don windsheeter and investigate..