Friday, 11 September 2009

Resident's permit to dump waste

Was just on the Greenwich gov site and noticed that you now need a Waste Permit Sticker to take household waste at the Recycling centre. When did this change happen? What a pain as I have to get rid of some rubble from my current gardening project.

Oh and my gardening project may end pretty sharpish as I realised I know pooh all about gardening and it is very very hard on the back and the knees!


Steve said...

Permits were introduced about 5 years ago.

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks Steve. We have never been asked to show our at the centre so I'm happy I'll be able to drop my gardening stuff off there tomorrow. Of course this means I'll have to do more gardening!

Natalie said...

it should be applied like way to care the country environment & reusing the waste stickers or whatever we use to throw away as wastage; Govt noticed it & i'm also in favor of govt to take more action obey & recycling the waste products Waste Stickers