Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Eltham Palace

We missed going to this at the Open House weekend when the grounds were free and entrance to the house was half price. However, went today and spent quite a few hours in the house and lovely gardens. It's not possible to take pictures in the house so these are exterior shots only. I got a bit fed up with the image upload tools here so only a few photos.


Raven said...

Hey we seem to be going to many of the same places! I visited Eltham Palace (as well as having 'done' the South Bank' frequently) with my two kids a few times over the summer and think it's an absolutely stunning place which your great photos obviously show. In fact, I joined us up as English Heritage members so that we can get free access any old time (as well as all the other castles/palaces we seem to frequent). The fat, guzzling carp in the little stream are a sight, and sound, to behold - you can buy 'carp food' for 50p a bag at reception.

Plummy Mummy said...

I wish English Heritage and National Trust would join up. As well as the National Trust of scotland. I had NT membership for years and was very frustrated not to be able to go into EH or NTS properties without paying. Typical huh!
Those fish were freaky. They swam so close to the surface, I was sure they were going to jump up and eat us. The willow that they sheltered under was absolutely stunning.
Did you like the main bedroom? Gorgeous huh.

Raven said...

Yep I agree about the EH and NT/S joining forces, though my professor boss (a 19th century historian) once explained their origins to me and that they were unlikely to join up!

My kids shrieked (with joy, I hasten to add..) when the carp attempted their 'headers' out of the water. The bedroom was the height of opulence with its gold taps etc. I couldn't help imagine how one family, the Courtaulds, could live with such beauty, space and luxury when all around them, in Eltham, were humble lives and houses. But that's life I guess.