Wednesday, 23 September 2009

El Gato Guerro: Damn more poops

The cats have been at it again so the sonic device and curry plants aren't working. I don't want to use chili powder anymore as I have now read it hurts the cats pretty badly.
Next options are mothballs, but they are toxic.
Or to keep the ground wet which may be good for keeping cats off but may kill the plants.
On the plus side, the garden is looking better now it's planted with flowers. I'm going to get some more so that there are fewer patches of earth for the damned beasties to dig up.


RightOnTheCommon said...

We have the same problem, but not sure what to do, but have found this very amusing link for you to check out!

Nigel said...

We have had the same problem with cats and our vegetable garden for a couple of years now. I have a sonic scarer, which I know does help, because when the batteries run out it is suddenly poo central. However it seems not to work with one [fat black and white]cat in particular. Maybe s/he is deaf or hard of hearing?
I've tried chilli powder with little success. Also tried phoning the zoo for some lion poo, but apparently they don't do it anymore...
Also tried fencing round the raised beds, but they just jump over. Don't know what else to try :(

Plummy Mummy said...

Rightonthe COmmon....thanks for the link. May well try that out. but have just put lots of flowers down :S

Nigel, I wonder if it's the same cat that's around here. Black and white. Have to say there are loads of cats around this part of the world. I got so mad the other day I started chasing one around the cars. Damn thing wouldn't skat. Do you eat the veg? Aren't you worried about the effects of cat poo on it?