Saturday, 26 September 2009

Walk along the river

Another walk along the South Bank today. I was intrigued by all the cranes that were present in the London skyline. Also wanted to take a picture of the Thames Clipper that I have yet to go on.

Outside the National Theatre there was some sort of band playing - the same song over and over (I fought the law but the law won). And a hula hoop festival. The little girls were very impressive in keeping their hoops going.

At the back of Festival Hall, there is a strange sculpture made of cardboard tubes. I liked the lines it made.

As I walked to Waterloo East station I was somewhat saddened by the lack of seediness that gave this area character. There used to be a bookstall/comic seller under the bridge just outside the station. All this has gone now and though the area attracts more tourists, I felt a bit sad for that lost part of London life.

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