Friday, 11 September 2009

Royal Arsenal Gun Pit Cafe

I've been to this place twice now and my reactions are mixed.
On the positive side,
1) What a great location and set up. There are comfy sofas to sit on or if you prefer, tables inside or out.
2) The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff seem friendly enough.
3) The lady behind the counter told me they were very busy at lunch and during the evenings

On the negative side,
1) On both visits my coffee was lukewarm when served. And in today's outing my ciabatta wasn't toasted very well.
2) I had ordered soup for my toddler and was frankly shocked at the near boiling temperature at which it was served. Very, very irresponsible especially as they only have metal spoons. Luckily I had my trusted plastic toddlers' spoon so after much blowing got her to eat some. She rejected it. And the reason...the soup was simply boiled carrots. No flavour whatsoever.
3) There was absolutely no tie up to the Firepower museum. I would have loved to see a wartime themed esp considering it's the 70th anniversary year WW2.

I'm probably being a bit critical. I should have also just said something to the staff but despite its' negative points, I'm sure I'll go there again as there are such limited options around here.

Future reviews will include Couture and the new cafe on Lakedale road.

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