Monday, 28 September 2009

Reciprocal care

The world has gone mad. I woke this morning to find out it was not legal to trust a friend to look after my child and for me to look after theirs. Now, I don't currently do this. I don't have friends in this area yet that I trust. I live far from any relatives and my best friend who I have known for over 30 years. So it means we don't go out and it means I cannot afford to go to work (that's a lie, I could but I don't want to spend all day working just to pay a childminder when I can do that job myself). My neighbour who I have known for a few years has often offered to look after my little one. I have been in her home many times and I trust her. I'm thinking of taking her up on her offer.
I think the current ofsted stance against two POLICEWOMEN is ridiculous ( These two women know eachother very well. Trust eachother. And can only afford to go back to work if they look after eachother's kids.

I've signed the petition to get the law changed. If you feel the same, the please sign it too:

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