Monday, 2 May 2011

Catch - up

Blimey it seems like ages since I posted. Also seems we have had most of April off and I must say, I'm quite ready to go back to normality now.

Lots has been happening:
1. The smear did not work and I have to go back. Perhaps if the woman had spent less time having a go about my fattyness and more time on the down-belows, it would have worked. Talking about fat, wish the experts would make their mind up about the apple shape being bad or not (for now, I shall eat cake and be done with it)
2. THE wedding. In my family of Scots, it's not an event to be watched. But like most girlies, I wanted to see the dress, the shoes, the hair. Gosh wasn't that bridesmaid pretty. Anyway, it's done. For the most part lovely if a tad boring which probably means they will be together forever. The most funny part for me was seeing the outfits of the ugly all know who I mean.
3. The weather. Gosh hot yes. Lucky for me I spent most of it in Dundee so not so hot. Have been sneezing and generally feeling unwell since our return cos of them pesky spores/pollen. Most of the plants on our patio took a bit of a bashing and some were gone past the saving point. But my goodness, the front of our house now has a rather large contingent of curry plants and there is NO cat poo. By golly I may have cracked it. Only thing is that I can't see any other plants so as soon as the wind dies down, I'll be out with my shears. I've never had a garden and get ridiculous amounts of pleasure from all the growth.
4. What is it with pebble beaches? I've got a bucket load of really beautiful stones but seriously, it's an addiction - I go to a beach and bring some back.
5. I'm really excited to see the progress on the Slade Centre (formerly known as Slade Library). Can't wait for that to open - hope they manage to get some books in there.
6. Just went to Belvedere splash park for the first time - very nice if somewhat freezing and windy. Will have to return but glad that one thing on the list is crossed off.
7. Does the amount of blogging and general levels of visitors have a direct correlation to the amount of sunshine - mine have gone down quite a bit.
8. More news in the next post.

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