Thursday, 19 May 2011

Estate agents

As part of our move we inevitably have to deal with estate agents. We met with a couple of firms today and are scheduled to meet another tomorrow. It's not fun. It's a matter of trust and having the ability to see past the flattering sales patter to gauge how good they will be at handling something you love (our little house).
Have any of you had to deal with the local firms? If so, what did you think. Any recommendations would be gratefully received.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the estate agents. I can't recommend any of the local ones, I found them all as bad as each other. Lots of cheap nylon suits, gelled hair and brown shoes. Ugh.
We have not rented out our house but for sales we ended up using a Blackheath agent. House was valued higher and better service.

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks Anon,
We did try a Charlton agent who was a lot better than the local ones.
I didn't think Blackheath agents would come out this way but I may give them a go.

Sue said...

Only experience is as a buyer, but would recommend David at Beaumont Gibbs along the Common Rd. He was brilliant and put up with us having a million and one tradesmen in to check things before the deal was done. Avoid RJ as they took us to houses that were out of our price range and only served to get the sellers hopes upe.