Saturday, 14 May 2011

Quick someone call a Doctor

Have you ever seen that show House Doctor where a rather stern American woman "helps" people sell their houses by turning them neutral? Occasionally the house makeover was so good the owners decided to stay put.
I feel like that right now. Mr Plummy Mummy is busy repairing our house so it is fit to rent it. He is steadfastly crossing off items on a list we have had for a few years. So now that we are moving, I'm getting the house I wanted! Not everything we would like will be done. No new kitchen and the carpets will have to stay. But the rest is great.
I've even been out in the garden taking up plants that I want to take with me. Whilst this may seem rather extreme, some of the plants were expensive and some are ones I just love to watch grow. Also, I'm aware of the need to turn the garden into a low maintenance one.
This relocation business is no joke. It's expensive. A catch22 as we are moving as hubby couldn't get work in London and we can no longer afford to live here. But now I'm starting to wonder if we can afford to move. Our mortgage company has sent us a form to apply for consent to let (CTL) - without which we would break our mortgage terms but will again incur costs for us -
  • We have to have a certain loan to value ratio. If we don't meet it, they could ask us to pay a bulk amount to pay it off
  • Getting CTL involves fees
  • The form is confusing. To get CTL, we need to ensure rental income is 125% of the mortgage payment but in another box are asked what we will do if there is a rental shortfall.
There is another cost - emotional. As a SAHM I spend a lot of time in the area we live. This move will involve going somewhere we know nothing about - leaving me feeling both excited and trepidatious. I will have the joy of making new friends, taking up new adventures but it will involve leaving friends and fave haunts down here.
This morning in a moment of irritation (I was watching Great British Menu when the form arrived), I suggested that perhaps hubby should work in Scotland, commute on a daily basis from his hometown (about 2 hours each way) and just visit us every now and again. We would not be the first family to make this "sacrifice" especially in this recession - people stuck in houses with negative equity who can't afford to move so the family has to split, even if it's only temporary.
Of course, if that's what we did, then I would no longer have the fun of looking for a new (BIGGER) house with a large garden (I want to grow veg!) and being able to go walking around lochs and such like. And whilst the Sarf Lahdahn accent has it's charms, I am rather looking forward to the little one developing a cute Scots one.

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