Thursday, 19 May 2011

A pox upon your house

A bunch of the kids in my little one's nursery have come out with chicken pox. Luckily so far, our kid hasn't caught it which is a good thing as Mr Plummy Mummy has never had it - wouldn't do to catch it a few days before starting a new job.
I remember having it as a kid and once the weeping sores stopped we went to the seaside. As soon as the salt water hit my skin, I screamed in agony (mind you, as a treat I was given some frozen watermelon which was delicious. Food really does comfort).
Chicken pox is not fun and is particular bad for kids with skin conditions like eczema. I tell you what else isn't fun - the NHS slide show on childhood conditions. Grim. Don't look if you have just eaten.

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