Monday, 2 May 2011

Event: 5th May Referendum

I still have not decided how to vote. Theoritically, I appreciate the benefits of AV but unfortunately, the Liberals have shown themselves to be less than faithful to their pre-election promises so that's putting me off.
Having the option to say who you would like if your first choice didn't get in is a powerful incentive however, if we all end up with our second choice then in reality no-one wins.
Anway, must decide soon. Not really asking for any opinions, just speaking aloud. Funny how our minds have not been on this vote what with a Wedding and so on.

Do wonder how they didn't phrase the question in an AV way:

Mark your choices in order of preference:

Keep the FPTP system:
Bring in AV:
Bring back the rule of Monarchy: (of course I jest here but some would mark that wouldn't they???)