Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hidden treasures of Greenwich Park

We have been to Greenwich Park a couple of times in May. It's very hard to believe that it will all be restored once the Olympics have gone but lets keep our fingers crossed.
One part that I hope isn't affected is something a friend showed me today - a peaceful enclosed garden at the foot of the Observatory. So bizarre that despite the many times I've been to the park, I've never discovered this area. Then again, strangely there aren't that many maps in the Park - I spotted one in front of the Queen's House. There isn't one to view on the Parks website either (unless you want to pay a rather large sum to have a printed version - which I don't. All I wanted to know was where the loos are located!).
Another item spotted hidden in some flowers was this commemorative plaque to the Titanic.
Makes me wonder what other gems are hidden out there.


mikey said...

greenwich park's great like that - i only just discovered that path that runs under the observatory which is strangely tranquil, even on a quiet day. and how, after years of being there, i'd never found the rose garden, i don't know. i saw deer in an enclosure once, but hve never found them since...not looked too hard, to be fair, and i suspect it's in the dog-free zone...

Plummy Mummy said...

The deer are behind the flower garden. When we visited, they weren't there. Do deer migrate??? ;)