Thursday, 22 April 2010

2nd May 2010: Bluebell Walk in Oxleas Wood

Up until recently I thought bluebell walks were only available at Kew Garden or some other posh park like that. But NO, our neighbourhood Oxleas Wood has it's very own walk to look at bluebells.
More information here: Bluebell Walk in Oxleas Wood
A summary of info taken from the site:
Time: 2-4pm
Meet: At the cafe ...why not stop there first for a cuppa and lunch as they do great food.
Organiser: David Goodfellow,
020 8855 2868
While you are on the London Wildlife Trust site have a look around as it's there to encourage wildlife within London and even has a campaign to turn our gardens into wildlife and climate friendly places. I'll be reading through the guide and hope that even my very small patch of garden can do something helpful.


Emma said...

That London Wildlife site is ACE. I'd build a green roof on my shed only the shed is so decrepit I think it might collapse!

Plummy Mummy said...

I thought it would appeal to you. I need to read the bit about encouraging wildlife too. I want butterflies but no foxes. We have bee visitors to our tulips at the mo which is ace.