Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Junk mail

I remember reading that recently the limits to the junk mail that were delivered to you by the Post Office were lifted. We get at least one horrible restaurant leaflet a day.
But now I guess the politicians took note as recently the amount of paper being pushed through our door has gone up. And as there are 2 voters here, we are getting twice the crap that we normally would.

None of these leaflets, letters, posters, bits of rubbish are going to sway me in the election so I just wish they would stop. Thank goodness we have only one more week of this. Grrrrrrrrrr


PlumBun said...

We haven't had anything through our door! How odd. In fact we haven't even had any canvassers around to enthrall me with their broken promises which I am quite disappointed about as I would like the chance to actually meet someone who may or may not be representing me in the borough. I once wrote to the local Councillor regarding the Ship pub fiasco and didnt even have my email acknowledged so I wrote again to say I hadn't and still didn't hear back. Guess I won't be voting that way this time.

Plummy Mummy said...

Oh no, canvassers. I may just lob water bombs at them.
Very bad that you didn't get a response though to your mail.

PlumBun said...

How funny, the junk mail squad must be watching. No sooner had I finished that the pile of voting leaflets all arrived at once! I love the fact they can't be bothered to deliver them directly, so the BNP gets delivered with the Green Party leaflet etc etc..
Am not sure about the Lib Dem bloke being only 26 and an estate agent.......I wonder if his manifesto is in "good decorative order"