Friday, 16 April 2010


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Instead of going in town we opted for a meal in Bromley at the quirky Tamasha. If you like Indian food, it's worth giving this place a go. It's total Days of the Raj dontcha know.
On arrival, our tot was whisked away by the door man (yes they have a dedicated person to open the door) and plonked onto a huge statue of an elephant. He found it funny, she was a tad scared. We were seated at the back of the restaurant which seems to be where the smaller tables were. Next time, I'll ask for a more central table so tot can look around - although I think we may leave her home next time!
To begin we had papadoms - I really loved the yoghurty, coriander sauce that they came with. Yum yum, will have to try to emulate it somehow.
The starters were fine. I had Aloo Palak bhajiya (£5.95) which are light and tasty spinach and potato pakoras. Hubby opted for calamari peri peri (£6.95) which was spicy.
I wasn't as impressed with the mains. There were spiced but not chilli hot which I like. Even the pakora chillies (huge green chillies fried in gram flour batter) weren't that spicy though I didn't eat as far as the seeds. I opted for Karahi Paneer (£9.95) that was creamy with fresh paneer but not much kick and Baingan Bharata (£7.95) which is an aubergine based dish. I basically left most of the latter as it there was the amount of dhana jeeru was too much for my palate. Also I make a very of this which I like better and will be posting a recipe on my other website soon.
Hubby went for Achari Duck Sashlik (£13.95) which was palatable if somewhat lacking in heat.
With beer, deserts, accompaniments and service charge the bill was nearly £100. In future we will do what fellow diners did - don't order the bottled water, just have tap and share things like rice and naans.
The place is very child friendly in terms of providing baby seats and waiters making a fuss. But I think the menu lacks options for the really young. The waiters also gave tot some chocolate which I whisked away, not wanting her to be any more hyper than she was. I know it's nice of them but if they asked, I'm sure most parents would not want their tots and even babies (they gave same to a 10 month old at the table next to us) to be given chocolate. It's a shame as on Sundays, they encourage families and even put on a magic show for the young ones! Also, the loos are definitely not child's hilariously shocking to find pornagraphic images, inspired by the kama sutra I assume, adorning the walls. When I went years ago, I found this funny, but now as a mum I just didn't know where to look and wouldn't want to explain any of the images to my tot!

131 Widmore Road, Bromley, BR1 3AX
tel:020 8460 3240

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