Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gardens at the Farm

We went for a walk around Woodlands Trust Farm today. I've been a few times and enjoy looking at the animals.
However, I have NEVER noticed the wonderful gardens they have on site. There are three:
The cottage garden which is by the side of the house
The sensory garden - in truth I saw little here in terms of senses but maybe mine were dulled by the glorious sunshine
The wildlife garden - small and just off the sensory garden.

All very pretty. The cottage garden had the splendid Imperial Lily that blew me away, and pretty ornamental raspberry bushes (I think that's what is was called). It's maintained by two lovely ladies.
So next time you go to see the ducks, pigs, sheep and horse, take a quick gander at the flowers too.

P.S. Please don't smoke when you are at the farm like the chavvy lady that was there today it's not nice for the animals or humans.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it is just chavs who smoke..As an ex smoker myself I have to say I do get annoyed with the assumption that smokers should only smoke indoors in their own homes. If there are no smoking signs and people disobey these then that is wrong but otherwise if not smokers should be able to light up where they see fit. I think it is such a nanny state. I don't like the smell of meat being a veggy but that doesn't mean I want to ban people eating burgers in the openair.

Plummy Mummy said...

Where they see fit....around animals and children?

I didn't mean that the lady was chavvy cos she smoked.

Burger neither. And yes, I'm a vegie too. Burgers don't harm lungs of passersby do they?

Hope you will go to see the's so beautiful.