Sunday, 18 April 2010

Popcorn tulips

I love all the flowers that can be seen around Plumstead at the moment. The gorgeous cherry blossom, roses and tulips. There is a house on Plumstead Common Road just up from the co-op that has 2 trees in their front garden with the most beautiful red and pink flowers.
This is my first year of gardening proper and I've been a bit dizzy with the violas that have just created a riot of colour in my pots and garden. And now this morning, some of my creamy white tulips popped open just like popcorn. I can't wait to see what the purple ones will look like. Dizzy dizzy me!


PlumBun said...

I feel like I should be chucking some more things into the ground but I only like perennials, can't be coping with things I have to dig up and replant again year after year. I fear looking at the weather it is too early for some bedding plants but perhaps there are other things I should be doing. Any good tips?

Plummy Mummy said...

Well what I do is go up to Thomsons Plant centre and stock up there! I've spent a small fortune in there...some have worked, some have died.
I've actually put in a lot of hebe shrubs and one photina red robin where the top leaves are a glorious red.
Also you could get self seeding things like forget me nots. I think they are pretty but a lot of bods seems to think they are like weeds!
Or fuschias..if you manage to grow them, they are pretty hard to get rid of.
I think there are much better garderners out in Plumstead Village who could give you much better advice.