Thursday, 1 April 2010

DW comes to town

OK I admit it, I'm prone to changing my mind. Whilst old David Tennant was rather good as the Doctor, his swansong was so protracted that I got a bit bored. Even so, when the new Doctor was announced I was dubious though have much faith in Steven Moffat's writing. But my gosh the BBC have got me all dizzy and excited. The Doctor keeps popping up all over the place - Jonathan Ross had an official visit, Paul O'Grady on BBC2 an unofficial one right in the middle of a song. I have to say that I was worried he would be too young, but all the previews show that Matt Smith is an old soul in a young body.
Brilliant!! So I could barely contain my excitement and headed down to Woolwich General Gordon Square. In truth, the 3D preview was a bit ropey and didn't show anything that hasn't already been previewed. But it was pretty cool to see the Cyberman up close and then to run away from the Scarecrow as he was a bit too scary for the little one (honest it was her and not me that was screaming like a girl).
Here are some photos. Sorry about the quality, they are from my battered phone.


Raven said...

Nice write up and photos. My sister-in-law popped down to the event too (though she wasn't very impressed with it). I thought the new Dr Who programme was ok - the kids liked it (bit scary) but he's not David Tennant, is he. I mean, there's nothing there for the mums, if you know what I mean...

Plummy Mummy said...

I do know what you mean. He's no Ecclestone or Tenant but I think he'll be good.