Tuesday, 25 May 2010

15th June: Phoenix Trader Fundraiser

Hi all. I'm not opening myself to be a local advertiser but if there is a good event / cause / bit of info I'm interested in, I'll post it up. Especially if it's something being run by a local mum. This is from Livi John who is our local Phoenix trader. It's a good cause so I hope she gets some support:

Dear All
Some of you are already aware that Phoenix Traders are trying to raise £150,000 in the month of June for Children's Hospices UK (CHUK). Last year we raised £136,000. So far we have raised £22,000 from the pre-sales of the beautiful charity card and Phoenix head office have managed to release 60,000 more cards (seeing as the last ones sold out in less than 6 hours) so in total that will be £52,000 straight to CHUK.
Our MD has done a huge bike ride and is hoping to raise £10,000 and the rest will come from all the efforts of the traders and their Tea Parties across the country.
If you can't make it to my Tea Party but would still like to support this very worthy cause then you can online
If you can make it please let me know and feel free to bring your kids and a friend, date and contact details are below. There will be cards, coffee and cakes and then for the children there will be a Minimessymakers stall with a playdoh table and also butterfly decorating and biscuit decorating.
If you can donate a cake on the day please let me know.
Tuesday 15th June
10.00 - 12.00
4 Macoma Terrace
I hope to see you on the day
Many thanks
Livia John
Independent Phoenix Trader: 20229
Tel : 07966 523315 / 0208 3165737
Livia's Phoenix trading website - Click on New Release to see the products from the latest supplement

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